As we begin our journey down the road called 2017, It might be the right time to take a closer look around and see if the standards of cleaning at your premises are meeting your expectations. Cleaning is the last thing on people’s minds, but the first thing that is noticed if it has not been delivered to an acceptable standard. So when the doors of your shopping mall are opened and the floors have streaks, the toilets have not been cleaned properly, the food court is not ready, the centre’s glass doors are covered in finger marks and smears, and the bins do not have fresh liners in them. The first thing you do is contact your on-site Cleaning Manager outlining the issues you’ve found. But these are ongoing problems that never seem to be resolved. Therefore you contact your service supplier and request a visit from a member of their senior management team.

STOP !!!

This is a road that you shouldn’t have to go down. You should not have to request a visit from senior management for a service you are paying for!


You are managing the contract. If your cleaning site manager is failing in his duties, then a member of the senior management team would know this already if they make regular visits to the site to liaise with his staff and the Centre Manager.

Dirty office

Regular client visits are the key to success of any contract. If the contract is running well with no issues, that does not mean you take a step back. It runs well because you are in control of the service delivery. The most common complaint from Centre Managers is that they do not get to see a member of the service providers senior Management Team on a regular basis, whether the contract is run successfully or not. This is a basic fundamental need for the cleaning staff and their manager on site in terms of guidance and support.

BlueFrog Cleaning Services Ltd is so confident in its service delivery and quality management plan, that they now offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days against their contractual obligations. This offer guarantee’s that if ever there are issues on a site that are failing to be resolved, then the client is entitled to a rebate of the labour charge for the following month for every day they fail to deliver an acceptable service (up to 30 days).

Also on offer is a non-obligation cleaning audit to highlight areas of concern along with recommendations which can be carried out incognito to avoid raising suspicions with your current service provider. This audit will give you a comprehensive insight into the current standard of service delivery being received. In addition, you will receive an overall score for the audit against an acceptable benchmark figure. The manager performing this audit has direct experience at running a cleaning and waste management contract for shopping malls, therefore, understanding the frustrations which Centre Managers’ experience.

To contact BlueFrog in confidence please email info@bluefrogcleaning.co.uk or call 01903 262555.

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