Toilet paper is an essential item in any toilet cubicle, therefore, we offer a wide range of tissue and toilet paper dispensers to suit every type of washroom cubicle. From luxury toilet paper to our economy single ply jumbo rolls, we ensure your washroom is always fully supplied.

Our range of toilet paper dispensers are designed to cope with the differing levels of washroom traffic ensuring a constant service is continually being offered.

All our toilet paper dispensers are designed to ensure the paper is protected from airborne bacteria aiding to reduce the risk of cross contamination. The design also includes a viewing window allowing for quick and simple checking of the usage. The dispensers also include a lockable cover to prevent theft and vandalism.

Toilet Paper Dispensers
Toilet Paper Dispensers

Katrin System 800

  • No Waste - Cartridge system allow stub roll to be completely finished before new roll can be used
  • Does not run out! – 200m maximum capacity and 1600 sheets enough to cope with heavy usage
  • Improved hygiene, no theft! – Locking dispenser
  • Easy monitoring of supplies! – Window to monitor usage

All dispensers free of charge! – Yes free of charge

Comparison Costing Example Normal Toilet Rolls Vs System 800

1000 people - 5 visits per day

371250k sheets per month/4455000m sheets per year

Old system

742.5 cases per year @ £10.61 per case = £7877.79 per year

Katrin System 800

154.68 cases per year @ £30.00 per Case = £4640.00 per year

A genuine saving of £3237.79