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BlueFrog are a cleaning company that on the surface may seem to operate the same as other cleaning companies, however, scratch beneath the surface and you will see that we are totally different to other service providers.

Why? Because we understand the cleaning industry, we understand how it works and more importantly we understand the frustrations that so many clients experience when dealing with their cleaning supplier.

Mike Ellis, Operations Manager explains the concept. “as a business, we have to be different and by different we must strive to do everything we set out to do for our clients as a basic fundamental of our service. Just by regular visits to our clients and staff, carrying out audits on a regular basis sets us apart from a number of cleaning companies. The clients don’t want to hear promises; therefore, we don’t make any. We strive to meet our client’s expectations and in time exceed them”.

“From mobilisation stage to inception we keep our clients involved through regular communication, thus giving them the confidence that communication is key to the future of the partnership. We will pass on bad news as well as good, through a transparent approach, which will always benefit and make the relationship stronger. People develop successful relationships through honesty and integrity and this is our ethos, promise nothing but deliver everything”

The BlueFrog Cleaning Service goal is to add value to your company by providing a hassle-free cleaning service without compromising on quality. Giving business owners and representatives more time to focus on their business and not wasting time and effort managing their cleaning contract to which they are paying for.

Our service goal is simple, to add value to your company by providing a hassle free cleaning service without compromising on quality. Giving business owners and representatives more time to focus on their business. "One of the most frequent complaints I've learned from business owners, is the frustration of managing a cleaning service to which they are paying for and rightly so". Mike Ellis Our approach is simple, promise nothing but deliver everything and this ethos will be shared from our cleaning operatives right through to our managing director.
Bluefrog provide a range of services across the south of the UK, from daily office cleaning to complex tailored solutions that are built on quality and innovation. The company is committed to always reviewing it's work practices to continue to improve and build on the quality of service provided to all of our clients. Ultimately our key objective is for the management team at Bluefrog to deliver what our clients expect, which is a clean building.
About us
About us
BlueFrog recognise training as the most important responsibility we have as a business. Cleaning processes require skills and we as a business have to be determined to raise the status of those who carry out the tasks. It’s not just about training staff to use equipment, it’s also about the risks involved and environmental impact. Our training programme starts by us fully assessing what the training needs are, even if a member of staff holds a BICS qualification, they will still be required to undertake our e-learning programme, and attend monthly toolbox talks.
Our senior management team will build a relationship with you based on honesty, trust, transparency and most importantly integrity. Communication is key to our service and informing a client of changes, no matter how small, builds customer and supplier confidence. BlueFrog understands the frustrations that clients experience when dealing with service providers that leave them to manage the service they are paying for. Our management team will instill confidence from Day 1 and leave you to focus on other aspects of your business. Bluefrog use an electronic auditing system to measure the companies performance against agreed KPI's & SLA's, the results of which are shared with our clients at regular intervals highlighting our transparent approach to client relationships.
BlueFrog is committed to driving costs down for clients by providing innovative ideas to increase productivity, improve health and safety and reduce its carbon footprint. These proposals could be by introducing a new piece of machinery, which could be more cost effective without compromising on quality, or a different approach to making it a safer working environment. As part of the Bluefrog added value approach we will look at all areas of any contract to try and drive costs down, this could be as simple as changing washroom dispensers to reduce natural wastage, improve hygiene and aesthetics. By carrying out this simple but effective change can potentially save up to 25% of your annual spend. The savings of which can be reinvested in other areas.