Kitchen extractor system deep cleaning is a fundamental necessity for any catering environment. Cleaning frequencies are dictated by kitchen usage hours for example if your kitchen is used for more than 6 hours then your cleaning frequency will be every 6 months. Insurance companies are now insisting that you must have proof showing due diligence. This means that if a fire breaks out on the premises and the cause is identified as starting in the duct system due to laden grease and fat deposits, if you do not hold a current validation certificate which shows date when system was cleaned in accordance with legislation your insurance claim may therefore be invalid.

A well-maintained extract system reduces heat, improves air flow and creates a comfortable working environment for your kitchen staff. Therefore increasing productivity and creating a healthy and happy work place.

Bluefrog will visit your premises and carry out a full risk assessment and outline any recommendations that your system may require. A fully detailed quote will be made available via e-mail within 24 hours of site visit. Once agreed, works will be carried out without causing disruption to your business. A fully detailed debrief will also be issued showing before and after photographs, a useful tool for your insurance company.

FREE Canopy Filter Cleans

If your premises has a commercial kitchen, we will clean you canopy filters free of charge bi-monthly for a year. T’s and C’s apply.
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